The contents of this site is a collection of notes that I have made over the last few years. They served to help me conceive, design, communicate and work with new tools, techniques and audience interactions unique to high dynamic range (HDR) storytelling.

Thinking about how to summarize the extensions to standard dynamic range (SDR) storytelling, it seemed appropriate to call these extensions a superset or something even greater. In 2015, I began to use the phrase “Language of HDR” to describe this superset of new techniques.

A language allows for simple/complex concepts or phrases and words to discuss moments. HDR introduces new ways of discussing a moment with an audience not available to SDR. Trying to create these new moments will require communication. Understanding of the intention, setup and needs to accomplish the effect will be critical.

The goal of this site is to create a reference that anyone can use to begin to talk about, plan, create and work with HDR imagery in terms not defined by SDR rather, by terms, techniques and experiences unique to HDR.

By creating an initial set of definitions to serve as the building blocks of this new language, others may take these and add, change, or toss them out and redefine for themselves how to use these new possibilities in video storytelling.

                                                                        - Shane Mario Ruggieri

                                                                          September 19, 2016



Disclaimer Summary: The work within these pages are still under testing. They represent the personal brainstorming sessions, notes and ideas of Shane Mario Ruggieri and do not represent the recommendations of any particular company or format. Please read full disclaimer on DISCLAIMER page.